Industry 4.0

We are dedicated to provide solutions that will allow machines and processes to understand people.

We do

Our passion combines innovative technologies and industrial machines to create high impact solutions that will allow to automate processes, analyze in a predictive matter the use of resources and facilitate the decision-making process in real time.

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Automatization of industrial processes

We automate tasks in every production line through the interconnection of devices, the acquisition of data and the elaboration/training of custom neuronal models.

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Improve the efficiency of the resources

We improve in a smart way the utility and availability of the resources/assets of your organization.

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Preventive and predictive maintenance

We maximize the transparency in the functioning of machines and tools, contrasting its real behaviour with the theoretical one.

Analytic intelligence for your business

We make accessible the information of your organization, allowing the monitoring, control and traceability of your production, in order to guarantee the precision of your production plan in a continuous matter

Simulation of scenarios

We facilitate the exploration of possible alternative scenarios through simulations in order to create even more efficient lines of production.

Flexible solutions for specific needs

We create smart and analytical solutions so that multiple industries and areas can achieve their business objectives.

The new digital paradigm in production facilitates the interaction between machines, humans and processes.


Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We offer simple and innovative solutions to complex problems. We are able to reduce costs, increase the levels of productivity, quality, efficiency and help optimize the decision making process by applying a combination of sophisticated algorithms and developing custom AI (Artificial Intelligence) models based on the information provided by each organization.

Big Data
Big Data

We transform large volumes of data into information and help every organization to manage their new asset. We develop and implement solutions that allow the capitalization of information, therefore facilitating their better utilization and the decision making process in real time.

Industrial Internet of Things
Industrial Internet of Things

Together with Moltech, we implement essential solutions of automatization for the industry. We interconnect machines, tools, pre-existing devices and incorporate new sources of data (sensors) that are necessary to monitor and control every single production line.

Cases Studies

Infobae - Electoral Coverage
Electoral Coverage 2019

Electoral Coverage


We built a Serverless Platform at AWS to provide a real-time National and Provincial Elections coverage for Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and more.

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Ministerio de Cultura - Pase Cultural
Pase Cultural

Pase Cultural

Ministerio de Cultura

We built the first Serverless Application at AWS for the Government of Buenos Aires City with the purpose of high school students and teachers access to exclusive benefits and discounts on cultural goods.

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