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We are focused on creating automated solutions for the creation and optimization of content.

We do

We combine the power of human experience with artificial intelligence in order to co-create unique content. We help to distribute a more varied and higher quality content to the readers, listeners and audiences, increasing the traffic and the position of the organization in the search engines. Additionally, we help to decrease the everyday routines of journalists so they can focus on their investigations and analysis to improve the journalistic value in each content.

Intelligent content generation
Smart content generation

We maximize in a smart way the generation of unique content in order to publish them immediately.

Intelligent content enrichment
Smart content optimization

We maximize the value of your content by incorporating semantic labels, photos, audios and videos in real time.

Business Intelligence
Analytic intelligence from your business

We make accessible the information of your organization, therefore allowing a correct management of your KPIs to guarantee the fulfillment of your business objectives in a continuous matter.

We use Artificial Intelligence to complement, facilitate and improve human work. We empower the journalistic and creative value in order to generate high impact content.


Machine Learning
Machine Learning

We offer simple and innovative solutions to complex problems. We are able to reduce costs, increase the levels of productivity, quality, efficiency and help optimize the decision making process by applying a combination of sophisticated algorithms and developing custom AI (Artificial Intelligence) models based on the information provided by each organization.

Big Data
Big Data

We transform large volumes of data into information and help every organization to manage their new asset. We develop and implement solutions that allow the capitalization of information, therefore facilitating their better utilization and the decision making process in real time.

Cases Studies

Infobae - Electoral Coverage
Electoral Coverage 2019

Electoral Coverage


We built a Serverless Platform at AWS to provide a real-time National and Provincial Elections coverage for Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and more.

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Ministerio de Cultura - Pase Cultural
Pase Cultural

Pase Cultural

Ministerio de Cultura

We built the first Serverless Application at AWS for the Government of Buenos Aires City with the purpose of high school students and teachers access to exclusive benefits and discounts on cultural goods.

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