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Get a tailor-made Proof of Concept to test-drive serverless technologies. Experience Serverless & AWS powers applied to your specific business needs.

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What you get?

A PoC that suits your needs
A PoC that suits your needs

A working and deployable proof of concept showcasing serverless technologies applied to your specific business needs.

Walk-through documentation
Walk-through documentation

Well-written and fully documented code, with links to official references. Flatten your team’s learning curve with our blueprint to the serverless design-build-test-deploy process.

A one-on-one session with architects
A one-on-one session with architects

Ask the questions you need to speed up the learning process. Get direct access to the experts who build serverless apps every day.

How we do it?

Service Discovery

Together, we’ll identify a business service from your platform that is an ideal candidate to be migrated or built from scratch with serverless technologies.

Design, Build & Deploy

We’ll design, build, test and deploy a Serverless solution that fulfills the highest levels of service, according to your business needs.

Skill Transfer

We’ll help your team start its path on serverless by taking full control of this new paradigm. We’ll also define strategies with them to bring into production.

Why Us?

We are a high-performance software development team specialized in developing MVPs using Serverless Technology and React Applications. We help our clients solve complex problems enabling them to achieve their business objectives. We have built strong strategic relationships with the leading technology companies to offer the best integral cloud solutions.

AWS Partner

We are an AWS Select Consulting Partner. Our engineering team is certified by AWS. We have vast experience and knowledge building fully-serverless AWS applications, making us dedicated experts in Serverless Cloud solutions.
Amazon Web Services is the largest and most relevant cloud service provider. They have the broadest range of serverless solutions and excellent service levels, allowing us to manage enterprise applications tailored to each client, meeting their industry requirements. At the same time, we help startups and established enterprises adopt this paradigm, considering costs and performance.

Serverless Framework Dev Partners

Serverless Framework is the most popular tool for building and implementing Serverless Solutions.
Over the last few years, Sinapsis has developed significant experience and technical skills using this powerful tool, becoming the only Serverless Framework Developer Partner in Latin America. Serverless Framework helps us deliver solutions built and deployed in a faster and manageable way, making it easier to evolve organically according to the business's growth.

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Testimonials and Reviews

Throughout the years we have worked with many innovative startups. Here are some customer reviews we have been privileged to work with.

Cardin Campbell - Co-founder at Trac

Cardin Campbell

Co-founder at Trac

Sinapsis is absolutely the best partner one could ask for! Super fast in their delivery and a lot of depth in their technical capabilities. Best of all they're better humans which makes for a great long term partnership!

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Adrian Gillette - Co-founder at LocalBuzz

Adrian Gillette

Co-founder at LocalBuzz

I've been working in technology for over 15 years building web applications for numerous companies and projects, both with internal and external teams. Of all the projects and teams that I've been part of, I can wholeheartedly say that working with Sinapsis has been the best experience. They are quick and adept in understanding how to effectively work with our work style. And I'm especially pleased with how they can master new technologies that were needed for our project.

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Tech Stack

We have expert knowledge and practical experience in advanced and established technologies such as Node.js, React, Python, and Angular. These are just a few of the technologies we can use to build your scalable MVP.

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