We help your business become serverless

Get a tailor-made Proof of Concept to test drive serverless technologies. Experience serverless powers applied to your specific business needs.

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What you get

A PoC that suits your needs
A PoC that suits your needs

A working and deployable proof of concept showcasing serverless technologies applied to your specific business needs.

Walk-through documentation
Walk-through documentation

Well-written and fully documented code, with links to official references. Flatten your team’s learning curve with our blueprint to the serverless design-build-test-deploy process.

A one-on-one session with architects
A one-on-one session with architects

Ask the questions you need to speed up the learning process. Get direct access to the experts who build serverless apps every day.

How we do it

Service Discovery

Together, we’ll identify a business service from your platform that is an ideal candidate to be migrated to serverless technologies.

Design, Build & Deploy

We’ll design, build and deploy a Serverless solution that fulfills all your original service requirements, so you can test it with your team.

Skill Transfer

We’ll help your team start its path on serverless by taking full control of the stack. We’ll also define strategies with them to get it to production.

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